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Composition, operation accidents and causes of boilers

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Boiler is an important component of thermal power plant, is the use of coal-fired heat to heat the working medium to a certain temperature and pressure of heat exchanger, also known as steam generator. Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the composition, operation accidents and causes of the boiler.
1, the composition of the boiler
The boiler is composed of main components and auxiliary devices. The following are the main components and auxiliary devices necessary for modern large-scale natural circulation high pressure boilers.
2. Boiler operation accident
The boiler is a special closed thermal equipment. It is not only directly eroded by flame and flue gas but also subjected to medium pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the safe operation of boiler equipment is directly related to the state property and personal safety. Strengthening boiler maintenance is one of the most important links to ensure safe and economical operation of boilers.
Common boiler accidents are as follows: drum explosion accident, serious water shortage accident, serious water-filled accident, steam-water co-flow, heating surface tube rupture, economizer tube rupture, superheater tube rupture, air preheater tube rupture and wall cracking or collapse.
3. Causes of accidents
China's power plant boilers and industrial boilers are mainly coal fired. In 1998, the share of coal produced by China accounts for about 75%. With the increasing attention paid to the problems of resources and environmental pollution worldwide, although the share of natural gas, nuclear energy and other renewable energy in the power production will increase year by year, it is estimated that coal will account for more than 50% of China's power energy until 2050. However, the quality of coal used for power plant is inferior, the ash content and sulfur content are higher, and it is easy to cause contamination, ash deposition, corrosion and wear of heating surface. The analysis data of operation of power plants in China show that boiler accidents are the most frequent in power plant equipment accidents. In boiler accidents, "four tubes" (water wall tube, superheater tube, reheater tube and economizer tube) have the most number of explosions and leaks. The "four tube" leakage accounts for about 40%-60% of the total boiler accidents, or even 70%.
Above is the small section to introduce the composition of the boiler, operating accidents and causes, I hope to help you further understand the boiler.
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