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Safety precautions for thermal spraying

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It is believed that some people do not understand it, but people who know it must know what it is. Thermal spraying is the use of a certain heat source (such as arc, plasma spraying or combustion flame, etc.) will be powder or filamentous metal or non-metallic materials heated to the melting or semi-melting state, and then with the flame itself or compressed air at a certain speed to spray the surface of the pretreated substrate, deposition and formation of a variety of functional tables. A technology for surface coating. Thermal spraying includes preparation of potential hazards associated with spraying processes and safety measures adopted in these operations. Next let's learn about these safety measures.
Compressed air
Compressed air should be labeled to avoid confusion with oxygen or gas. Clothes should not be cleaned with compressed air. It is also impossible to clean with oxygen and gas.
Noise protection two
Noise is beyond the limit, and all personnel near the work area should take auditory protection.
Three, respiratory protection
The spraying operation requires the operator to use the respiratory protection device. According to the nature, type and size of dust gas to decide what kind of respiratory protection device to use, in limited or sealed space spraying, the need for continuous airflow channel breathing apparatus. It consists of a standard continuous air passage respirator, face mask or helmet and dust-proof cover. To strengthen the protection of head and neck, the maximum intake volume of respirator is 4CFM (6) at the end of the mask. 6M3/H) the air entering the helmet or dust-proof hood is 6CUFT (10M3/H) per minute. Fresh air is better than compressed air as a source of breathing.
Four, protective clothing
Any appropriate protective clothing required for spraying or blowing sand varies with the type, nature and environment of the work. Refractory clothing and leather or rubber protective gloves should be worn when working in a limited area. Clothing should be tightened at the wrist and bare feet to ensure that the spattered material and dust do not splash onto the skin. Working in an open environment, you can use a common full set of work clothes, but can not open the collar, fasten the pocket buttons. You should wear high shoes and cover your feet.
To sum up, the above is the safety measures for thermal spraying. As a professional, we need to master the relevant knowledge, in this process can also play a very good role!
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