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Development trend of supersonic spraying in remanufacturing

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A series of technical measures or engineering activities carried out to modify and renovate waste mechanical and electrical products can be called remanufacturing engineering, which is the industrialization of high-skilled modification and upgrading of waste equipment. Equipped with reproducing has become one of the core contents of vigorously developing strategic emerging industries in China. Overseas reproducing industry is called "sunrise industry". The technology of supersonic spraying has a good development prospect in the remanufacturing industry.
1. Strengthen the research on the adaptability of various types of supersonic spraying in the realm of remanufacturing, and obtain a systematic and comprehensive solution for the adaptability of various types of thermal spraying skills. At that time, remanufacturing enterprises in China is still in its infancy, facing a lot of damaged parts, there is no systematic and scientific technology skills and solutions.
2. Strengthen the research and application of composite skills, including the composite study of thermosonic spraying skills in terms of materials, processes and equipment, and the composite study of thermal spraying skills and other skills, to meet the needs of remanufactured products for skills.
3, to strengthen the thermal supersonic spray re production skills standards, process standards and other aspects of the study. Nowadays, the standardization of many painting and remanufacturing techniques is not high enough, and the quality control system is not perfect. It is necessary to strengthen the formulation of various technical standards for thermal spraying and remanufacturing, the standard thermal spraying and remanufacturing process, strengthen management, and promote the sustainable development of thermal spraying and remanufacturing skills in the realm of remanufacturing.
With the continuous development of society, supersonic spraying is constantly updated and breakthroughs have been made in various fields. If you want to engage in this industry, you must master the relevant professional knowledge, regular maintenance work on it, improve its service life! Of course, you need to know something about it. You can consult me for details.
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