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Advantages of thermal spraying in automobile industry

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With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive thermal spraying is also expanding. Automotive thermal spraying technology has attracted the attention of automotive maintenance industry and automotive decoration industry because of its great role in preventing corrosion, protecting automotive metal substrate, providing elastic layer to prevent sand and stone impact, identifying and providing color and beauty. At present, the advantages of the automotive thermal spraying industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, automotive thermal spraying is a key part of vehicle technology, and has an irreplaceable advantage. Automobile spraying belongs to the third working procedure of the four major automotive processes. It is also the most difficult and complicated link. This part involves spraying equipment, spraying process and spraying materials. Its irreplaceable nature in the overall automobile technology fully embodies the great advantages of the automobile spraying industry.
The two is the advantage of technology. Under the background of China's macro-economy entering a new normal, automotive spraying industry actively responds to the national haze control policy, focusing on the development of clean production of automotive coating, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of automotive spraying to green spraying. Nowadays, water-borne and high-solid coatings, compact process, automatic spraying, dry paint spray filtration and heat recovery as a new generation of symbolic technology, has become the mainstream of automotive painting technology development, has been rapidly popularized and applied.
In summary, thermal spraying has a very good advantage in the automotive industry, and has a certain development prospect in the future. In order to keep pace with the times, enterprises must vigorously develop thermal spraying technology, introduce technical personnel, and make more contributions to the enterprise, in order to survive in such a fierce competition! If you do not know anything about thermal spray, you can ask me!
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